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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022


A message from our colleagues at Harrow Council:

We have launched a consultation on the draft Harrow Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA).

The PNA assesses if there is sufficient provision of Community Pharmacies across Harrow for the next three years.

The assessment includes;

  • The geographical distribution of Community Pharmacies across Harrow
  • Dispensing of medicines and appliances on prescription
  • Sale of medicines to the public
  • Providing advice to the public on medicines, coping with ill-health or general health and wellbeing
  • Receiving waste medicines for safe destruction

All local Health and Wellbeing Boards are legally required to produce a local assessment of pharmaceutical service every three years. Today we have launched the draft PNA for all residents and health and care stakeholders in Harrow. The consultation runs from today, 25 April, until Friday 22 June 2022.

Please visit https://www.harrow.gov.uk/pnasurvey in order to read the PNA, and to submit any views you may have on the PNA conclusions or on Community Pharmacy more generally.

Please help raise awareness of this consultation. If you require further information, or an alternative format of the documentation, please contact PublicHealth@harrow.gov.uk