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Your spotlight on local services

Healthy Harrow Day - Free Event

Date: 02 Apr 2014 - 14:00 to 20:00
Location: Members Lounge & Council Chamber Harrow Civic Centre Station Road HA1 2AY United Kingdom

Healthy Harrow Day - Free Event

It is a time of great change in Health and Social Services in the borough. Public input in the nature and implementation of these changes is essential.

Healthwatch Harrow in conjunction with the London Borough of Harrow/Public Health Team and NHS Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group are having the 1st ever Healthy Harrow Day.

We would very much like to warmly welcome everyone to attend this informative and enjoyable day.

The aim of the Harrow Healthy Day is to promote local Health and Social Care services that are available across the borough to those who require them. The day also hopes to help Health and Social care providers design local services that meet current and future demands and needs. We envisage that the Healthy Harrow day encourages, informs and inspires Harrow residents to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The Healthy Harrow day will support you to make healthy choices giving encouragement to make the small changes, and eventually make all the difference to your future health. It is great that we are all living longer than ever- let’s be alive and well!

The day also aims to make people aware of the decisions that are being made on everyone’s behalf to re-design the services we may need to stay healthy. These services are precious to all of us whether we use them regularly or not. There will be representation from many of those providing services in Harrow. Harrow is no longer a sleepy place at the end of the metropolitan line, but a vibrant multicultural borough leading for others to follow.

As mentioned the event will include exhibits from many service providers and charities and you will be encouraged to engage, interact and discuss matters affecting you and services which matter to you.

The public receives so many health messages almost daily that often people are left with more questions than answers; Healthy Harrow day may answer some of these questions. For example what is dementia? How do I manage my diabetes? What is enough exercise? Do I really need to go to the hospital? Knowledge (to quote a cliché) is power and so armed with the knowledge people need; they can hopefully make the right choices

The day will conclude with homage to Thursday night’s BBC ‘Question Time’ …all be it on a Wednesday. Questions will be posed to a panel that consists of the Chair of the local CCG Board and many other high profile leaders of our local Hospital and Social care services. To ensure order and impartiality our Healthwatch Chair will take on the coveted David Dimbleby role and mediate the panel. So please think of some pertinent questions ahead of time and submit them to Healthwatch. We really do want you to have your say!

When we buy a house we do our homework. We view the house, we do a local search; for good schools, easy access to our jobs, we get a survey done. We check and recheck our finances and liaise with estate agents and banks. We maintain our home and improve it and we petition profusely if anything, for example a motorway is to be built nearby or a neighbour is going to build an extension obscuring our view or something similar. We insure our homes, heat and love them. We take very good care of them. Our home is important to us and our family.

Your body is your first home and you should treat it the same; maintain it, protect it, invest in it…have a say in anything that has an influence on its future health. Not just for you, but for everyone that cares for you too.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Healthy Harrow Day! Eventbrite - Healthy Harrow Day - You and Your Health