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Your spotlight on local services

Enter and View

What is Enter & View?

Enter and View’ is the opportunity for authorised representatives:

  • To go into health and social care premises to hear and see how the consumer experiences the service
  • To collect the views of service users (patients and residents) at the point of service delivery
  • To collect the views of carers and relatives of service users
  • To observe the nature and quality of services – observation involving all the senses
  • To collate evidence-based feedback
  • To report  to providers, CQC, Local Authority and NHS commissioners and quality assurers, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners
  • To develop insights and recommendations across multiple visits to inform strategic decision making at local and national levels

Key Benefits of Enter & View

To encourage, support, recommend and influence service improvement – by:

  • Capturing and reflecting the views of service users who often go unheard, e.g. care home residents
  • Offering service users an independent, trusted party (lay person) with whom they feel comfortable sharing experiences
  • Engaging carers and relatives
  • Identifying and sharing ‘best practice’, e.g. activities that work well
  • Keeping ‘quality of life’ matters firmly on the agenda
  • Encouraging providers to engage with local Healthwatch as a ‘critical friend’, outside of formal inspection
  • Gathering evidence at the point of service delivery, to add to a wider understanding of how services are delivered to local people
  • Supporting the local Healthwatch remit to help ensure that the views and feedback from service users and carers play an integral part in local commissioning
  • Spreading the word about local Healthwatch


Enter and View Reports


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